Workshop 1: Vulnerability

The first official workshop of the WEATHER project was successfully conducted at September 14th 2010 at the premises of the German Research Foundation (KOWI) in Brussels. High ranking experts have exchanged knowledge, experiences and uncertainties on the vulnerability of road, rail air and waterborne transport towards weather extremes and climate change. The primary intention of the one-day workshop was to discuss adverse effects of extreme weather conditions on transport infrastructure assets and their management, service operations, users and safety across transport modes, hazards and climate regions. The results have been integrated in the WEATHER project deliverable D2 on Transport System Vulnerabilities.

A summary report of the workshop presentations is available for download here: 
 Summary Report of the WEATHER Workshop 1 (105KB)

The full keynote presentations held at the workshop can be downloaded here:

Kenneth Natanaelsson, Swedish Transport Administration
 Impact on roads in Sweden (965 KB)

Roberto Arditi, ASECAP
Weather and consequent impact on main roads (5158 KB)

Matthew Webb, Transport for London
  TfL – Managing Adaptation to Climate Change (1585 KB)

Martin Burkhardt, International Union of combined Road-Rail transport companies (UIRR)
Vulnerability of Combined Transport and measures to reduce impacts (1330 KB)

Chris Baker, University of Birmingham
Extreme weather, climate change and the railways (5403 KB)

Samuel Brunet, Réseau Ferré de France
Rail infrastructure answer to extreme weather event (641 KB)

Henrik Littorini, Swedavia
Vulnerability and adaptation at Swedish airports (146 KB)

Rachel Burbidge, Eurocontrol
Weather, Climate and Air Traffic Management (3388 KB)