Workshop 3: Adaptation

The project team has organised the third and last targeted workshop on options to increase the resilience of transport systems to weather extremes on May 20th 2011 in Rotterdam. Considered were strategies in the fields of infrastructure and vehicle technology, system operations and planning procedures across all modes and European climate regions. With a mix of presentations from transport industry and academia the workshop has covered a wide range of questions and possible solutions. The workshop summary report is now available for download here.


 Summary Report (387 KB)
 Final Agenda (376 KB)      

The workshop presentations can be downloaded here: 

Claus Doll, Fraunhofer ISI/ Riccardo Enei, ISIS / Anestis Papanikolaou, CERTH
 Introduction: The WEATHER project and the workshop concept (1738 KB)

Pekka Leviäkangas, VTT
 European Vulnerability and Adaptation Scenarios: Preliminary Findings of the EWENT Project (1735 KB)

Chris Baker, University of Birmingham
 Relationships between extreme weather and transport disruption (3646 KB)

Enno Wiebe, Alex Veitch, UIC
 Adapting Rail Infrastructure: Findings of the ARISCC Project and UIC activity “Winter and Railways” (2549 KB)

Michel Ray, EGIS Group
 Adaptation Strategies in Road Infrastructure (787 KB)

Henrik Ammoser, TÜV Rheinland Intertraffic GmbH
 Curtailing the impact: approaches for recovery management in transport systems (1387 KB)

Parallel Session 1: UK Railways and weather phenomena

Paul Arnold, Network Rail
 UK Railways and weather phenomena (3032 KB)

Rinske van der Meer, Rotterdam Port Authority
 Rotterdam Port Authority’s Adaptation Measures to Meet with Extreme Weather Events and Climate Change (2607 KB)

Parallel Session 2: Logistics under the challenge of climate change

Feliks Mackenthun, ISL Bremen
 Logistics under the Challenges of Climate Change (1589 KB)

Rachel Burbidge, Eurocontrol
 Update on Eurocontrol ATM Climate Adaptation Work (730 KB)