Funded by:
7th framework programme of the European Commission, DG Research and Innovation




Here we will provide access to the project reports documenting our work and results.

Deliverable 1:
Weather Trends and Economy-Wide Impacts
Submitted October 2011 - unapproved final draft
 Download D1 Unapproved final draft here (1309 KB).

Deliverable 2:
The vulnerability of transport systems
Released June 14, 2011
 Download D2 Main Report here (1546 KB). 
 Download D2 Appendix A here (4533 KB). 
Download D2 Appendix B here (4261 KB).

Deliverable 3:
Innovative emergency management strategies
Approved Sept. 16, 2011
 Download D3 Main Report here (1229 KB).

Deliverable 4:
Adaptation Strategies in the Transport Sector
Submitted December 2011 - unapproved final draft
Download D4 Unapproved final draft here (3251 KB). 

Deliverable 5:
The role of governance and incentives
Submitted April 2012 - unapproved final draft
 Downlodad D5 Unapproved final draft here (2076 KB)

Deliverable 6:
Cas study synthesis report
Submitted February 2012 - unapproved final draft
Download D6 unapproved final draft (3331 KB)

Deliverable 7:
Project Summary and Policy Conclusions
Download D7 Version 1.0 (final) (1494 KB)

Special Report:
WEATHER International Panel Contributions
WEATHER International Panel Summary Report (1316 KB)
USA (3317 KB)
Australia (930 KB)
New Zealand (3111 KB)
Switzerland (533 KB)
Bulgaria (1435 KB)