Other Projects


The overall aim of FUTURENET is to develop visions on the nature of the UK transport system in 2050 both in terms of its physical characteristics and its usage, and the shape of the transport network in 2050 that will be most resilient to climate change.


Railmet has been created to provide a unique location for the rail indstry to learn of successful country-specific strategies adopted in times of severe weather disruption.


The ADAM (Adaptation And Mitigation strategies supporting European climate policy) project received research funding from the European Community's Framework 6 Programme. It started March 2006 and finished in July 2009, involving 120 researchers in 26 research institutions across Europe and worldwide.


PARAmount (“imProved Accessibility: Reliability and security of Alpine transport infrastructure related to mountainous hazards in a changing climate") aims at improving hazard management strategies for infrastructure protection by the adaptation of existing tools and practices to the transport sector.

Studies on mitigating CO2 emissions from transport


GHG-TransPoRD - Reducing greenhouse-gas emissions of transport beyond 2020: linking R&D, transport policies and reduction targets is a research project financed by the European Commission under FP7.


CATCH (Carbon Aware Travel CHoice) is a project with the ultimate aim to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions of the urban transport sector by encouraging carbon-friendly travel choices.

EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050

EU Transport GHG: Routes to 2050 II is a 15-month project funded by the European Commission's DG Climate Action and started in January 2011. The context of the project is still the Commission's long-term objective for tackling climate change.